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Innermost Shift Coaching Model

The core of the ‘InnerMost Shift’ coaching model is the very fundamental human activity of getting in touch with InnerMost wisdom, referred as ‘Inner Guru by Indian ancient sciences or the ‘Wisest Self’ as by modern thinkers. NeuroScience Tools refer it as Left Brain, Right Brain, and conscious and unconscious mind synchronization with Highest Self. Some of the modern thinkers and researcher state it as ‘Flow State' or being ‘In the Zone’. Basis of Neuro Linguistic Programming model is becoming aware of stories and metaphors, to understand counterproductive internal processes, identify self-sabotaging beliefs and derailing emotions. Our coaches are given insights and initiations about ‘Yogic Presence’ based on tattvas and human energy field balance. This leads to state of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness.

The Gurus Of Excellence!

Sat and Siri have 20+ years of experience in helping people Transform, Integrating Best Life Practices, make InnerMost Shift using modern tools such as neuro-linguistics, quantum physics, neuro-sciences, and practical tools of Yogic and Spiritual Sciences human potential development. Both are ICF PCC level Coaches, Dr. Richard Bandler’s trained NLP Trainer, BestLife NLP Maestros, InnerMost Shift Coach Model Trainers with origin in India. They have worked to train and coach executives and senior leader of many fortune 500 companies, as coach, senior consultant and facilitator. They are lovingly referred as Gurus of Excellence!!!.

Insight about Coaching Courses

Life coaching

Life coaching training program targets to help coachee to gain clarity, imbibe confidence and sort out seen and unseen issues to steer through different challenges one’s life brings in. Life Coaching courses work with people to help them to drop whatever is holding them back so that they can enjoy a harmonious life.
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Executive coaching

How would you feel impacting personal efficiency of your friend or a person you know or make-believe team members, they can increase collective performance up by 20 % or more as you decide , just in 2 or 3 Group Coaching sessions, think of growing sense of satisfaction when you could Coach Small Business Owners to double up sales and increase profits in 6 months with few fortnightly sessions.
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Business coaching

A Business Coach works with business owners, entrepreneurs, business unit heads, CEO’s, COO’s, CXO’s and top leaders etc. You work to keep them on track and focused on vital parameters of business that directly impact their roles and responsibilities. It can be assisting them to make more sales, improve profits; increase finances, diversion and path breaking decisions.
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Icf Accreditation

ICF Coaching offers 3 Level of Accreditation for Certified Coaches.
ACC – Associate Certified Coach
PCC- Professional Certified Coach
MCC- Master Certified Coach
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Earn with Coaching

By the end of InnerMost Shift Coach 8 days, You become competent and confident to sign up clients and deliver them measurable results. You will be able to engage clients for 3,6, 9 or 12 months. Signing up one client for all the 12 session will get you paid nearly equivalent to the fee paid by you. This will empower you to plan 5,6 or 7 Figure coaching income.
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“Life is not a journey but a blissful process of (self) discovery in the pursuit of your dreams.”

Puja - Prosperity Coach


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